This is a new work by Anton Long that I’m posting here. This post is a very condensed treatise that is very illuminating to those who are capable of grasping its subtleties. (And no, I’m not claiming to be as knowledgeable as my WSA352 sisters in that regard.) Heres the link:

The Sinister Tribes of the ONA

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Who are you looking at?

Look in the mirror

There are many faces to see.

Past, future, young, old

there is one face that is fatal

not the face that is dying,

it is the smiling face

smug in its contentment

hollowed by a few experiences

you want your exaltation to last

you want this hal, this state

to somehow become externalized.

There is only change.

That smugness is not the path

Tariqat is an initial step

Tariqat is the brother/sisterhood

This is the primordial clan of


A qabbalah of intention.

In India, the old adepts of Vama Marg

break every forbidden step

but not this one,

this one does not change

it evolves, it explodes

into a white star

the mantra reads:

Progress or die.